Water Softener Salt

Go Green with Reliable, Re-fillable and Recyclable pails for your water softener salt.

Sit back, Relax and let us do the heavy lifting while you help the environment 1 pail at a time.

Instead of bags we package in re-fillable pails!

Our Water Softener Salt Delivery program helps everyone!

water softener salt

Commercial Business or Household Delivery Program

  1. Friendly, courteous and reliable drivers deliver the highest quality water softener salt to your home or business, right to your softener!
  2. Our Eco-friendly choice program helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill sites. Reusable empty pails are replaced with new pails filled with our water softener salt. Thus eliminating plastics!
  3. Flexible delivery options allow us to deliver right to your door, garage, basement or wherever your water softener is located!
  4. Our friendly Reminder Service ensures you will never run out of water softener salt which will jeopardize the proper operation of the house hold plumbing and water based appliances.